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Benefits of Hiring Defense Tax Attorneys

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IRS Tax Attorneys in Houston has several benefits for their clients, including affordable services, high caliber representation and high level of commitment to their clients. The company has been a leader in the tax resolution industry since 1980, providing tax resolution to millions of tax payers around the world. Defense Tax Consultants provides IRS tax advice from highly skilled and qualified IRS tax attorneys.

The law allows for tax lien and IRS wage garnishing, tax levies and bank levies on outstanding tax liabilities. Tax attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist taxpayers in negotiating their tax debt into a more affordable monthly payment. Their legal expertise and dedication to their clients is what sets Defense Tax Consultants apart from other companies.

Defense Tax Associates provides their clients with a variety of services and is willing to work closely with their clients. Tax attorneys can provide their clients with tax relief suggestions, tax resolutions, and tax preparation options. Tax attorneys can assist their clients by reviewing their federal income tax returns and advise clients on ways to reduce or eliminate their tax liability. They can also help in drafting personal tax statements to prepare and file their taxes with the IRS.

Many tax attorneys work with a limited number of tax accountants who are licensed tax accountants. This allows the tax attorney to focus solely on client accounts. If the client is unable to reach an agreement with the accountants, then Defense Tax Consultants can advise their client on how to proceed.

With the IRS requiring a majority of their tax payers to be represented by a qualified taxpayer advocate at all tax court proceedings, the IRS does not retain its own taxpayer advocates to represent the taxpayer. Tax attorneys, therefore, have an advantage over taxpayers because they are able to provide a more in-depth understanding of the laws of the Internal Revenue Code, the tax codes that affect taxpayer’s everyday life and what they can do about them.

Tax attorneys can handle many types of tax cases. Taxpayers who face criminal charges, tax evasion, estate tax issues, divorce, and bankruptcy may all be better served with the assistance of an attorney than they would be without representation. Tax attorneys are aware of the IRS requirements and know the intricacies of their own law. As a result, defense tax attorneys are better prepared for a wide range of tax cases. and are able to resolve any issues quickly and affordably.